Community Through Circus

weekly schedule

Email to register for classes at Circus Waldissima


4:00-5:15 at Flying Frog

Youth Aerial Silks Class ages 9-12

Taught by Amanda Grace


5:30-6:00 at Flying Frog

Beginning Adult Aerial Silks Class.

Taught by Amanda Grace


4:00-5:15 at Flying Frog

Teen Aerial Silks Class ages 13-18

Taught by Sierra Camille

Intermediate Adult Aerial Silks Class

Taught by Sierra Camille


5:30-6:30pm at Flying Frog


Beginning Adult Aerial Silks class.

Taught by Ann Austin & Carolina Wolohan

5:30-6:45pm at Circus  Waldissima*


11:00-12:15pm at The Vertex

Aerial Silks. Beginning Class *Happening Now

Taught by Sierra Camille


12:30-1:45pm at The Vertex

Advanced Adult Aerial Silks. 

Taught by Sierra Camille

* Circus Waldissima is a school for grades pre-k — 12 and they're gracious enough to share their space with us. Please be mindful of language while on this school campus.


Classes at Circus Waldissima: $85 for a four week series | $25 for a drop in

Classes at Vertex: 5-class punch cards: $80 for members   |   $95 for non-members

Drop in: $20 for members    |    $25 for non-members

Classes at Flying Frog*:  $85 for a month for adults | $99 for a month for youth

*please note flying frog classes are paid for through flying frog and can also be used for other classes offered at this specific gym. They have many pricing options and bundles that can be viewed here.