Our Philosophy

Community Through Circus! Here at Skytopia, we believe every body should and can have a lifetime of movement and flying. Our classes are designed to suit the abilities of anyone who walks in our door in a fun, encouraging and challenging way. Skytopia is a circus fitness school teaching in 3 locations. We love to make our students laugh while they sweat. Aerial arts can be daunting and we're here to make each and every one of our students smile along the climb up!

Our Team

Our teachers are the best! Come join any one of 'em for a class


sierra camille

Owner and Teacher

Sierra asked to take dance classes at an age so young, she doesn't remember it happening. When she found circus arts in college, she knew she had stepped into her new home. Learning to climb silks, flip over the trapeze and get her body upside-down was a truly empowering and life changing experience. 

Gaining the necessary strength to become graceful in the air took Sierra years. Helping others to find and build this strength is joyous for her. Sierra is thrilled to build a community through Skytopia. You can check out her performance work here.


amanda grace

Owner and Teacher

Amanda Grace has been teaching for decades. Growing up a gymnast and diver, athleticism has run in her veins for a long time. Harnising her love for movement into a skill to help others, she is currently an occupational therapist throughout Sonoma County helping a range of ages, from children who are just starting to move, to elderly people who have lived a full life. Amanda loves to bring the silliness of circus and joy into people's lives.


Carolina wolohan

Carolina Wolohan has been dedicated to finding new shapes during flight since she was a young child. She started gymnastics at the age of 7 and has never looked back. As a young adult, it was difficult to find a community of other movers, but with the rise of aerial dance and circus arts Carolina has found her folks!

Carolina teaches tumbling at Circus Waldissima and has completed Aerial Teacher Training with Paper Doll Militia


Rose MacDonald

Rose joined Circus Walidissima at nine years old, which sparked a lifelong love of trapeze and circus arts. As a high school freshman Rose was selected to perform at the AYCO festival (American Youth Circus Organization) in Florida. Following high school Rose moved to England to study movement and performance art at the Peredur Center for the Arts. Since moving back to the United States she has enjoyed teaching and performing trapeze year round at Circus Waldissima and hopes to instill a love of circus and performing arts in others.

ann austin

Ann began practicing aerial arts in 2015 after being dedicated to the practice of yoga for 20 years. Ann creates a space that is safe yet challenges her students to move beyond what they think is possible. She still teaches yoga at Studio Ganesha in Sebastopol, however, aerial silks has now taken up a special place in her heart!

Ann has completed Aerial Teacher Training with Paper Doll Militia.