frequently given answers

Am I strong enough to do aerial silks?  Yes! Classes are formed to suit your level and needs. We teach a wide variety of ages, genders and abilities. The only way to be strong enough for aerial class is to... keep coming to class! (See Sierra's bio)

What should I wear? Tight fitting but mobile clothes are best. Tights or yoga pants are great. Please have the backs of your knees, stomach and armpits covered. This will help prevent any fabric burns. Leotards are great but not necessary especially for your first few classes, please do be aware that you will be going upside down and wear what you feel comfortable in. Clothes can always be tucked in.

How do I get there? Circus Waldissima is located at 655 Willowside Road in Santa Rosa. You can punch "Circus Waldissima" into google maps. Once you turn into the parking lot, drive to the back of the lot and park. Then walk up the gravel driveway you could have kept driving up (but didn't) and follow it's curve to the left where there will be a small building we call "the barn" on your right. 

Vertex Climbing Center is located at 3358a Coffey Lane in Santa Rosa

Flying Frog is located at 215 Classic Ct. Rohnert Park, CA

Can I sign the Waiver ahead of time? Yes! Please do so right here. You will still need to sign a waiver of the facility in use upon arrival.

What's Skytopia's class etiquette? Funny you should ask, we have class etiquette listed here!