Community Through Circus

Aerial silks combines dance, athletics and acrobatics in order to create movement through air using a fabric. In our classes we will teach to your level, starting by using the fabric as a supportive sling and moving towards more fluid and acrobatic movements off the ground as students advance. These classes are open to anyone, no matter how small your movement background; we will help you advance at your pace. Not sure which level class is right for you? Contact us! We'd love to help. 

Aerial Silks

aerial conditioning

This class focuses on building the strength needed to take your aerial skills up a notch. A workout class that focuses on shoulder strength, core strength and building muscles that facilitate moves in the air!

open gym

Open Gym is a time for Skytopia Students to condition and practice skills they have learned in Skytopia classes and workshops. It is not a time to learn new skills from each other, teachers or the internet. A teacher will be present for safety purposes and for simple questions. See Open Gym Guidelines Here.

Aerial Batman

Class Prices

Classes at Circus Waldissima: $85 for a four week series | $25 for a drop in

Classes at Vertex: 5-class punch cards: $80 for members   |   $95 for non-members

Drop in: $20 for members    |    $25 for non-members

Classes at Flying Frog*:  $85 for a month for adults | $99 for a month for youth

*please note flying frog classes are paid for through flying frog and can also be used for other classes offered at this specific gym. They have many pricing options and bundles that can be viewed here.